Research and Development

  • Dimensioning and optimization of system and plant ventilation

- Tunnels
- Curing plants
- High temperature areas up to 950°C
- Acidic flow media
- Coordinated range of accessories

  • Simulation and analysis of flow mechanics

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- Finite Element Method (FEM)

  • Process advice

- Customer support during design stage
- Design to cost

Team meeting
Strength and modal analyses
  • Dimensioning of fans according to customer specifications
  • Strength testing
  • Modal analysis
  • Improvement of efficiency factor
  • Basic development and special designs
  • Use of lightweight materials (carbon-fibre reinforced materials)
  • Continuous improvement of the blade profile
  • Testing facilities

- Centrifugal cabinet
- Test chamber
- Pressure thrust device

  • In-house dimensioning program for centrifugal fans
  • Specific application of design and production FMEA
  • Project management based organisation
  • Close integration of quality management and technical service
  • Certified in compliance with EN ISO 9001+2003
Testing chamber in compliance with DIN 24163, Part 2
Special fans for the indoor skydiving facilities in Bottrop
Simulation of the strength of an impeller of a centrifugal fan
Simulation of the strength of the housing of a centrifugal fan

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Wheel with carbon blades